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Forest Trees

Be part of this record-setting, largest
single-day tree planting in Chicagoland all happening in FLOSSMOOR!

    When: Saturday, October 15

What Time: Planting Starts at 8:30 am

Where: Various locations along Flossmoor's GEM race course

We are looking to recruit volunteers to assist in Planting the Gem!
The goal is to establish teams of planters and evenly distribute the planting locations out across the 13.1 mile Gem race course. Interested in helping?

CLICK HERE to learn more … read THE STORY on how this all came about!

Get Involved!

It takes a Village to plant 300 new trees!

The Story

The residents of the Village of Flossmoor shine their brightest when they work together over a shared goal. Friendships are formed and a community is made more rich by the experiences residents share while volunteering.


A perfect example of the outstanding volunteerism capabilities of the residents of the Village of Flossmoor is the success of the Hidden Gem Half Marathon. This race was born out of the common goal of exposing more people to the fantastic Village of Flossmoor. The Village is filled with spectacular parks, award winning schools, and a phenomenal sculpture collection. The half marathon would be the vehicle to showcase these elements.


Over 300 volunteers work together to host an unforgettable race. This race caught the attention of Chicago Region Tree Initiative and Morton Arboretum. Impressed by the ability to achieve such greatness with the Hidden Gem Half Marathon, CRTI wondered if Flossmoor residents could connect over the common interest of protecting and expanding our tree canopy.


CRTI and Morton Arboretum awarded the Village of Flossmoor federal money that was earmarked for diversifying and expanding tree canopies and decided to PLANT THE GEM. On October 15 Flossmoor residents will come together to plant 300 trees along the 13.1 mile course of the Hidden Gem Half Marathon. This will be the largest, single day volunteer led tree planting in the State of Illinois. Join us on October 15 and help PLANT THE GEM!

Questions? Please email Stephanie Wright at

The Story
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